PaiBand FAQ

Please contact customer service for assistance at

There are two ways to turn the screen on: Lift the PaiBand up toward your eyes or double-tap the screen.

Under normal circumstances, the PaiBand can be used for 3 days, though battery life may differ depending on use. It will take around 2 hours to fully charge the PaiBand.

In order to upload the band's data to the app, please be sure that the device with the app has Bluetooth turned on. Then open the data page, and the data will automatically sync. If the app does not sync automatically, you can manually sync by tapping the sync button at the top of the screen. Please be sure the PaiBand is within 40 feet of the device during the sync process. After each PaiBand upgrade, please sync the PaiBand with app.

In the event of low power, your alarms and heart rate monitor may not function properly. To ensure proper use, please charge the PaiBand immediately.

The PaiBand received a waterproof IP67 rating, which guarantees water protection under normal circumstances, such as when washing hands, getting splashed, or briefly submerging the PaiBand.